Morning all,

It’s a cold morning here, and I am hoping the snow is not going to fall again as I am now looking forward to spring!

I’ve updated and added to my blog!  There are more piccies of the  lovely NiNi and I have written a little about a wonderful food called budae jjigae and moving house Korean style, piccies included here too.

I am off to Gimpo Airport tomorrow to finally pick up the stuff I shipped and I am sure that will be an adventure as the language barrier can prove very interesting in these sort of situations.  I am hoping the sun will shine so that I can take some pictures too. I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. Lerina Wilson Says:

    Hello my friend
    So nice to see you settling in your new country ! NiNi is just toooooo cute, isnt she ? Did you manage to get your suitcases ? Wish I was a fly on the wall watching and listening to the language issues ! hahahaha.

    You take care.


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