I just love Korea! I think I must say that daily, but they really do go out of their way to be helpful here, or perhaps they just think we are so stupid we can’t do anything on our own, but I prefer to think it’s because they are so kind!

So I went to collect the things I had shipped today and it was a wonderful adventure and amazingly easy. Public transport here is brilliant and there seems to be a bus or train to everywhere and more often than not there is a ‘cross-country’ bus which just means it a more direct bus, fewer stops, and so it get the more quickly. The cross country buses are a little like a tour bus with really comfy seating and a lot less of it than on a regular town bus. It costs a little more but here that means it still very cheap.

I took a bus from Osan to Gimpo airport which took just over an hour and cost me about $(AUS)4. From there I got the free shuttle bus to the customs and cargo area having been given brilliant directions at the Information counter where they speak great English! Most places that would have tourists visit on a regular basis seem to ensure there are plenty of staff that do speak good English to help you. Gimpo airport is the jumping off point to visit many of the resort style islands and so they are very used to tourists needing help.

I found the customs area and after a few visits to the wrong office finally the man I needed. He was just great and held my hand through the whole process which took about an hour, and then he found a delivery person to get the bags back to Osan for me. Now I feel fairly certain that you would not get such helpful customs people in Australia particularly if they really do not speak the same language as you! He had some English but it was fairly limited.

I had shipped three bags, one and half each for Amelia and I, and they were extremely heavy, so there was no way I was going to be able to transport them on my own. I had always intended to have them delivered but you still have to go out and complete the customs clearance in person, which was what I did. I had assumed that I would then be able to book a delivery service for later in the week once the clearance was completed. My lovely customs man rang and chatted, in Korean of course, and then said he could organise the delivery and it would cost me about $(ASU)90, I had expected to pay about double that given the distance it needed to go, so I readily agreed.

He then said I had to wait wait! That’s how its done here – say it twice and that gets the message through apparently. I wasn’t actually sure what I was waiting for, but wait I did. The truck arrived about five minutes later and the driver and the customs man loaded the bags into the back. It was then he told me the cost was for me and the bags! So I had my bags, and me, back to the apartment by lunchtime and the driver carried them up the stairs for me.

Needless to say I am delighted to have everything here – I have SHOES again!


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  1. brigid forsayeth Says:

    LOL Customs in Australia? Having watched Border Security you wouldn’t want to try anything – best thing to do is have a well itemised list and labelled boxes and work your way through it. They don’t give you any help – maybe they’re not allowed. In which case take a couple of strong blokes – or butch women! Don’t bring stuff through Brisbane in the summer – their bonded warehouse is open to the elements, there is no water – bring your own.

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