I’m back!

Hi All,

I haven’t updated for a while as there have been a few issues with my internet connection and its a bit hard to sort out when its all in Korean and no-one at the internet company speaks English!

I have a great boss, Mr Kim, and she has sorted it all out for me.  I now have my internet back and the tv.  Its tragic when you are cut off from both and you start to feel isolated!  Who would have thought tv and internet were so important.

Of course NiNi didn’t mind at all as she had my undivided attention and got more play time.  She is currently fast asleep on the bed after a long run by the river, but as soon as I start getting ready for work she will be up and about and grumpy!  She knows when its that time of day and she doesn’t like it.

I have updated my Living In Korea page with an entry about my visit to Everland, with lots of pictures, which was something we did to celebrate Amelia’s birthday.  It was a great day and I had a ball.  Nothing like a theme park to lighten the spirits and make one feel like a teenager all over again.  I love roller coasters!

I will spend some time over the weekend adding some more great pics and exciting news about life here in Korea.  Yes, I still love it and say “I love Korea” at least  once  a day!


One Response to “I’m back!”

  1. Lerina Wilson Says:

    Great to have you back xxx

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