I just can’t help myself!

Ok, so I said I wouldn’t do it again, but….

I’m seriously considering the option of doing a little more study!  I can do it on-line, so I can keep working!

The University of Tasmania offers an on-line, 2 year, Masters of Education and it sounds really interesting – so hey,  I’m working in Education, surely I owe it to my students to do this?  To be really effective this would be a really good thing to do, you have to agree its logical.

I really am not clutching at straws, I really think it would be a good thing to do for all the students I may be inflicted upon over the next few years.  OK, so I am making excuses, I know, but it really does seem like a smart thing to do.  I am really enjoying what I am doing here, but I also think I would be more effective as a teacher if I did this.  So, I have made the initial application because they have a mid-year intake!

I am actually really excited at the prospect, there’s a surprise.  I may not make it for the mid-year intake, it will depend upon the documentation I need to get to them and how long it will take me to do that from here, but I hope I can get into it sooner rather than later.

I’ll keep you posted, but I may be Student Deena again very soon, keep your fingers crossed for me.


One Response to “I just can’t help myself!”

  1. Lerina Wilson Says:

    Our dearest ETERNAL STUDENT Deena. Why am I not surprised ? I was actually wondering what was taking you so long ! All the best my friend….. GO FOR IT ! xxx

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