A Quick Update

Its been far too long since I posted an update and the only excuse I can offer is far too much time playing with Flur.

I know – I’m adorable!

Yes I have changed the spelling of her name from Fleur to Flur as I really like the medieval (Anglo-Norman) spelling. It’s just a bit quirky and quirky is good for this puppy!

Noun – Flur (plural flurs, nominative singular flur, nominative plural flurs)

1.  flower (part of a flower)

It also has a German meaning – farmland, field, lea or heath.

She is growing up very quickly and she’s very energetic and loves her morning stroll. The last few days have been very interesting for her as we have Sokkies staying for a few weeks while Amelia is away and so the walks have had to be extended. She is in need of a big sleep after a walk with Sokkies.

He is very good with her and she seems to love having a new playfellow. They play tug of war with the toys and she chases him when fetch is the game. He’s too quick for her, of course, but he grabs whatever toy has been thrown and he brings it her, and then she brings it to me. It’s so cute!

Amelia  leaves for South Africa today and she is so excited. She has dreamed of going there for a holiday for many years and the day has finally arrived.  I shall look forward to hearing all about it on her return. She will be gone for three weeks so we have Sokkies for that time and I think Flur is going to love it.

I have five days leave next week. It is over a two-week spread, I start leave on Wednesday and return to work the following Wednesday, but given I have the puppies I wasn’t actually planning on going too far from home anyway, and it will give me two short working weeks as well. I am really looking forward to having a break and doing a lot of nothing. Although I must admit I seem to be adding events to the diary at a frightening rate and may well end up out almost everyday of my break. Hmm, might have to re-think that one after all!


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