A Wet Holiday – so far!

Ok – so I am half way through my holiday break and so far all we have done is hide from the rain! I say we because the three dogs and I have been literally trapped in the house since Tuesday night.

Flooding in Seoul (Korea Times Photo)

The heaviest rain in a century fell over Seoul and southern regions from Tuesday night through Wednesday. 110 millimetres per hour of rain fell according to the Korea meteorological Administration. And it has not let up since Tuesday although it is expected to ease over the weekend. We have had the total average annual rainfall (1,259.5 millimeters) in one month according to the Korea Times newspaper – that’s the one that’s in English, and on-line, so I can read it. Its quite amazing to see after many years of living in a country that has been in drought for so long.

Sadly a number of people have actually died, and a larger number have been injured, due to flooding and landslides, most of which occurred in Gyeonggi Province which is the province I live in. The worst of the rain, they say, will be over by Friday but it is expected to continue to rain through until next weekend! So much for the rainy season being over and my lovely little holiday.

It has been even tougher on the dogs. They are all used to being walked on a daily basis but only a lunatic would go out in the sort of rain we have been having. I did walk them on Monday and Tuesday and we all got completely soaked, but from Wednesday it was just too heavy to even try.

I am hopeful it will ease enough over this weekend so that we can all go and get a little fresh Korean air!

Flur's Little Red Cocktail Dress

I have managed to spend a lots of time knitting, watching DVDs, reading, playing on the internet, and eating too much while on holiday though. Flur is going to have quite a wardrobe come the autumn when it will be cold enough for knitted clothes. I think I will need to start knitting for myself instead as I’m not sure there will be enough days for Flur to wear what I have already made.

New Additions to Flur's Winter Wardrobe

I have also found a great horde of free pattern sites over the last few days and while I may not be able to get the wool they were designed for I can get great wool here and its a lot cheaper than it was in Australia so I can certainly keep myself well amused.

Paton's Wrap - my next project


One Response to “A Wet Holiday – so far!”

  1. Hi my friend !
    Absolutely LOVING Flur’s winter wardrobe !

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