My Summer Vacation is over – Sadly!

I have just had a weeks vacation and I’m sad its almost over!  Its back to work on Monday…

I have had a great vacation though and had oodles of time to play with my pens and pencils.I have completed my Letter Love course and I am definitely going to do the next one, but I want to spend a little time on the ‘practice’ part of Letter Love 101 first.  Its been such an inspirational course and so much fun.

I love Whimsy Grids and this one was inspired by my little Lady Fleur! I decided to try adding a little Korean in honour of my time here and I hope I got it all right!

Another Whimsy Grid

South Korea is a land of apartments and Gerald Raftery Filing Cabinets poem seems to have been written about life here and so inspired this one.

Life in a world of Apartments

It has been a very hot week,and humidity here is a killer, so it was a week designed for staying close to the air-con. So I have had a ball playing and have a stack of backgrounds needing words…

Hearts & Flowers


Awaiting inspiration …

and pieces that need just to have colour added…

A Whimsy grid just begging for colour …


Another one screaming to be coloured …

I did have coffee, walk the dog, go shopping, and visit the day spa for pampering – but I mostly played!




3 Responses to “My Summer Vacation is over – Sadly!”

  1. Deena! You are so artist. haha! 게으름뱅이 꼬리 and 강아지는 꼬리로 웃음 makes me laugh a lot. All of peices are gorgeous!

    • Lol! Does that mean I got it wrong? I need my good Korean teacher back. I miss your wonderful abilities.

      • no! you did a great job, but should draw a vertical stroke beside 거 not 거, 게! Korean by Deena.. I couldn’t imagine over the last year without 얼마에요?(How much is it?) or 오른쪽 왼쪽(right, left) kk anyway your piece of art is so gorgeous!

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