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October 2013 – Its been so long…..

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on October 15, 2013 by Menopausal Miss

I have posted nothing here for so long, and it was really the prompting of others that have led me to post here now.

I have actually set up a new blog space but it is not yet really open for business – I’m still trying to make it all work and make it do the things I want it to do.  I set up a new one because it was supposed to be easier to manipulate but either I am getting so old that I cannot cope with new things, or remember the things I am supposed to do to make it work, or its actually a whole lot harder than here,  but I shall preserver a little longer and see how it goes.

I elected to set up a new site because I was leaving Korea and it seemed silly to have a site called a Kiwi in Korea if this Kiwi wasn’t there any more.  I am sure that I could have just changed the blog name, but sadly I didn’t think that one through too clearly at the time…..

I am also now following a couple of WordPress sites that are really worth a look at if you,  like me,  like to read so I will post those links and your visit here wont have been a wasted effort.

Seumas Gallacher is a crime thriller writer, in the main, but he has also written a hilarious book called  The Bloggers Guide to Absolutely Nothing  ( the link to Amazon for that one  – The Blogger’s Guide to Absolutely Nothing ) his web site address is;

The other one I would like to mention is Martin Lake who writes Historical Fiction and Literature, his blog address is

I have only read excerpts from his books so far, but as soon as I am out of this wee backwater and can download what I like again my Kindle will be overflowing with great things to read.  The excerpts were so great that I just can’t wait to be able to read the whole thing…