A Day at Everland



Everland is a magical place no matter what age you are. It’s a theme/amusement park, I suspect modelled on Disneyland but Korean style, and its wonderful. I spent the day there with Amelia and I had a ball. I went on rides that I haven’t been on in years and I felt like a teenager all over again! We took a shuttle bus there from Suwon, that was an experience all by itself. It was a coach and it was decked out with curtains, fills, a large screen TV and the biggest sound system I have ever seen on a transport vehicle. These buses are used by groups for functions and they run the karaoke thing for them so the sound system needs to stand up to that. Fortunately we did not have to take part in that on our trip. It took a little over an hour to get there and one tends to want to sleep on these trips as the buses are a little too well heated. We arrived at Everland at lunchtime and we had booked our return trip for 9pm so we knew we had plenty of time. I had no idea how big the place would be, we were going to need every hour we had.

The Entry Gate

From the moment you enter the gates you really are transported to another place. All the staff are dressed up and the grounds are immaculate with the most magnificent gardens and floral displays. Our visit was at the beginning of spring and the tulip festival was being celebrated so all the gardens had been planted with tulips, they were in every shade you can imagine and they really did take your breath away.

Tulip Heaven

Having spent a couple of hours travelling the first order of the day was coffee. We acquired maps for the park, in English, and we set off on our adventure. The fairy tree was our first stop, and we were all excited about seeing it, and knowing that we were going to see it at night was another point of excitement as it was covered in ‘fairy lights’!

The Fairy Tree by Day

All over the park there are wonderful features like the fountain surrounded by very cute wee magical creatures.

Bubble machines are the order of the day for the younger children and they sell them all over the park. It really does add to the atmosphere, and I must admit to being tempted to get one for myself.

Bubble Magic

I really wanted one of those bubble machines!

The signs are just priceless and even without any knowledge of the language you know what rides you can and cannot go on! The park is divided into areas and every area has a theme. The area for the younger children is called Aesop’s Village and it is just divine and I loved the  rides they had on offer there.

Aesops Village

It was set up as a magical ‘Once upon a time place’ with little cottages and windmills. There was even a mini roller coaster, and yes we did go on it. I think we were the only adults in the queue without children!

The Perfect Roller Coaster – for short people

There are of course oodles of souvenir places all over the park, and the range of stuff you can buy is just incredible.

Anyone for Ears? Yes, they are tulip ears!

Koreans are a lot more secure about what they will and will not wear. The ‘ears’ that you can but are very popular and couples will buy matching, or complimentary, sets and the boys have no problem with wandering around wearing them. Amelia modelled them but declined to purchase any. Every few hours they put on shows and during the day they are aimed at the younger children.

Show time

We watched for a little while but didn’t stay because we didn’t understand a word. The huge structure in the background is the mega roller coaster! There is a safari on offer at the park and you can go on a guided tour of it. It is extremely popular as you get to see all sorts of animals like lions and tigers, sea lions and penguins and assorted bird life.

I love flamingos

These are animals that have hundreds of acres to roam in in the wild and here they are kept in tiny spaces with no room to run so I found it quite sad.

Amelia loves meerkats!

Of course for us they are all animals that we have seen before, and seen in settings that are either more natural or have allowed for them to at least run around. That is not the case for people that have spent their whole lives in Korea, for many this will be the only way they will ever see animals like this. We spent some time in Africa Land! It was a fun spot and very interesting, we did take lots of piccies here.

Budgie Feeding!

We went on quite a number of rides, but of course piccies were not an option then. We did roller coasters, hurricanes, and an assortment of scary rides that leave your tummy in the air, and I just loved it.

The Fairy Tree by Night

It really was a wonderful day and its certainly a place I want to go again!

This place is huge!


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