Hello, my name's NiNi

NiNi, a Yorkshire Terrier, was born on the 25th of October, 2010 in Korea and I adopted her on the 19th of February, 2011 three days after I arrived in Korea.  Amelia, my daughter, had already done all the legwork as she had adopted a Yorkie, Socrates (Sokkies), a month earlier. 

The Babies

NiNi and Socrates

The vet clinic, from where I adopted NiNi, is just a delight.  There are two resident vets that seem to work every hour god gave!  They are open seven days a week from 10am until very late!  They provide a wonderful service and seem to adore all the pets they deal with.  They send you a text message the day before your next visit is due and to remind you of other things, such as they day you are supposed to administer the next dose of whatever your pets needs. Going to see them for a vaccination, or to collect food, feels more like a social visit than a visit to the vet.

NiNi in Sokkies Bed!

Pets are very popular here, particularly dogs, so they are also welcome in all sorts of places. Clothing is also popular for dogs, and so the range is quite spectacular.  It is also really necessary when it is cold and perhaps that is a part of what drives the wide variety and the number of places you can buy it. And Yes, I have already started NiNi’s wardrobe.  She had a Burberry dress and it looks so cute!  She also has a couple of  Winnie the Pooh outfits that will keep her warm.  I suspect her wardrobe will grow over the next few months as it really is fun pooch clothing shopping.

NiNi was just 700gms the day I collected her and she has not yet made it to 1kg.   The Yorkie is a small  dog, they were originally bred in the 19th century in Yorkshire to catch rats in clothing mills so they were bred small. She would have been a great ‘ratter’ if she had been born a hundred years ago as she is very energetic and loves burrowing.

It's been a hard day

 She, like most of her breed, is also  loyal and affectionate, and she likes nothing more than to be cuddled and pampered, she prefers to be carried when we go out rather than put in her wee carry bag.  She really is the perfect size to keep in the small apartments that are the norm for foreigners in Korea and I am really looking forward to the summer and being able to take her for walks.  Its still too cold for her to walk and so when we go out she is either in her wee carrier or snuggled up in my coat.

Amelia & Karel with Sokkies & NiNi

Sokkies and NiNi  took to each other immediately and Sokkies was very gentle with her over the first few days, now they are very happy playing  rough and tumble together  – and sleeping together!  I am certain they will have regular play-dates in the future when I have my own apartment.  They will be able to keep each other company and make it easier for us all if either one of us wants a weekend away.

She really is a treat and she has been wonderful company, and a great stress reliever, over the first couple of very frustrating weeks here.  Now that everything seems to have been fixed and I am moving to my own apartment at the end of the week we can assume a more normal life I suspect and I will be able to establish a good routine for her, and me!


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