NiNi’s new steps

The bed at my new apartment was just a little  too high for the ramp NiNi had been using at Amelia’s place – so we solved the problem with a set of steps!  You really can get everything in Korea.

NiNi's new steps

She is a little wary of them, but I am sure with a couple of days use she will be racing up and down just as she did with the ramp.

Not too sure about these yet!

NiNi just loves to be snuggled and Karel is very good at that!

NiNi loves Karel's snuggles!


One happy puppy!


My new bed in my new home!


It's hard work moving house...

NiNi likes to keep her toys tidy and she tends to gather them together in various places, her bed, my bed, and her feather mat.

I love my new toys

Back away from the toys - they are all mine!


Are these for me too?


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